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Medical marijuana has been used for centuries. Even in the early 1900s, it was a common ingredient in over-the-counter elixirs. Now, as medical marijuana is legalized in more states and the use of related products like CBD become popular, many people who never considered using cannabis before are discovering how it can help them. But too often, guides on the subject fail to give advice about its specific use, effects, and results.

Dr. Matthew L. Mintz actively prescribes and treats patients with medical marijuana and CBD. In this comprehensive medical guide, he answers questions about cannabis and its components and addresses the biological basis for its efficacy and relative safety in comparison with other drugs.

Whether you’re a first-time medical cannabis user, a patient reluctant to use marijuana, or someone considering CBD as a last resort, Dr. Mintz’s expert advice can help you navigate the pros and cons, the therapeutic areas, and the science behind the use of medical marijuana.